Pre-K 3 & 4

February 4, 2021

First Day August 31st!

This year is sure to be a fun and exciting time for your child! In the preschool room, we work on many different skills in order to prepare the students for Kindergarten. We are sure you will see an enormous growth in the knowledge and abilities of your child after this school year comes to an end!

Your child’s time in our classroom will be spent working not only on learning the basics (shapes, colors, numbers, and letters) but also on their social-emotional development, personal care routines, and topics of various themes throughout the year. (And of course, having TONS of fun!)

The structure of our classroom will change as the year goes on, progressing from a free-flowing schedule to following more structured routines. Our preschool grows with your child, accommodating and adjusting to their learning needs.

As we begin the transition into a new classroom, we’d like to tell you a bit more about our routines!

TEACHERS: Miss Victoria

Parent Communication Sheets/Board – Stay connected with our parent communication sheet/board! Be sure to check the sheets to stay up to date on new information!

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